Go Discipleship Mission
Go Discipleship Mission
Go Discipleship Mission

Our Vision, Call and Commitment is to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I (He) have commanded you (us)” (Matt. 28:19). And, bringing hope to the poor and develop the underpriviledge and backward classes. 



 We Want to turn back the 21st Century Christianity into the old path of Making disciples in order to fulfil the great commissions of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Looking back the biblical patern and contextualize (apply) in todays cultures. To make disciples within and beyond the Church in every community. Guide, help and pray for them is our mission.  


Other Distinctive Aims and Objectives

I. Discipleship Evangelism:

     1. Preach the Good News through the existing Church

     2. Personal and group evangelism:-

           2.1. Personal – Reach out people individually Church, Family, Village, workplace, campus, club etc.        

           2.2. Group – Organize camp, crusades, seminar, workshop, summit and conferences.

     3. Reaching the unreached by using all kinds of media which is available in our time. For example tracts, magazine,              books, internet, mobiles, television, movies and other social network like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.


II. Church Planting:

     1. Plant a Church where there is no Church and where there is no true congregation.



About us


We are a Global Discipleship Movement… to reach the unreached, to preach the Gospel, to revive the global church, to teach the Christian the hard truth of discipleship obedience, and to follow the footstep of Our Lord and Saviors Jesus Christ.  And also as a Trust we do care for the whole being of destitute mankind as well. Making disciples, bringing hope to the poor destitutes and to develop the backward classes is our mission, commitment and vision. 

Transforming lives and nurturing communities innovatively and transcendantly. 

Help us to reach more people for His glory!

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  • To initiate and promote religious activities and studies, community development and health care.

  • To take-up, initiate or assist missionaries, church development activities or spiritual welfare programmes for bringing positive change in the lives of the common people.

  • To establish/build/run/manage an Institutions, Discipleship centres, Educational centres, Medical centres, Rehabilitation centres, Disable centres, Religious training centres, Community centres, Hostels, Orphanages Home, etc’ and open branch/es in Manipur or elsewhere in India to promote the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ as found in the Bible for the benefit of the public.

  • To establish/run/manage Christian bookshops, print, publish, purchase, sell, circulate, distribute or exhibit either free or for a price - books, periodicals, journals, booklets, bulletins, calendars, message-cards, other literature, films, documentaries, music, paintings, photographs, T.V., radio messages, or any other effective means of media and publications on different languages for spreading the message of God, to benefit the public and promote the objectives of the Trust.



A brief sketch of Beliefs

1. God

We believe in one God manifested in three persons as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

2. The Bible

We believe the Bible is the Word of God, its inerrancy, power and authority of the Scripture.

3. Disciple

We believe in making Disciples of all nations and the proclamation of the Gospel (Good News) to the whole world. 

4. The Poor

We believe in loving, caring and helping the poor as God command in the Scripture.




Do not forget the destitudes do something TODAY! 

Board of Trustees

1. President & CEO

Pastor McGinlianthang


2. Vice President

Mr. Vungzamuan Valte 


3. Secretary

Revd Dr. Hangpi Manlun


4. Treasurer 

Mr. Tuallianmang


5. Member

Rev. Thangzakap




Discipleship & Evangelism

Kambenjohn Munluo


Education & Health

John L. Hauzel 


 Community Development



Literature & Publication



Media & Social Network

Ginminlun Tawtah 

Branch Trustees

1. President & CEO

Pastor McGinlianthang


2. Vice President

Rev. Khamsianlal 


3. Secretary

Khupneimang Chontung


4. Treasurer 

Thianmoi Vaiphei


5. Member

Rev. JNM